Xapo Founder Interviewed, The Ripple Drop, ZCash Sapling Upgrade Successful


In an interview with Bloomberg, Wenzel Casares, the founder of crypto cold storage company Xapo, stated that he will only consider Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies successful if they become the global standard:

I think it would be irresponsible not to acknowledge that it might not work. I think the chances of this experiment not working are not trivial. […] This is part of a technical experiment and although it has proven to be incredibly robust, it could still fail. Technology is made by people, people are fallible, and we might find something we haven’t found in 10 years that makes the system worthless. But I think it is more likely that this will not happen, but it could happen. I think at this point the chances of success are better than the chances of failure.

The entire interview can be seen below.


Ripple has released a new episode of “The Ripple Drop”. The new The episode is about the different products from Ripple, how they can be used together via the RippleNet. In addition, the new Ripple feature “Multi Hop” is explained and a look at the quarterly report Q3.


The privacy coin Zcash has completed its network upgrade called “Sapling”. The upgrade significantly improves the transaction speed of shielded addresses and reduces the actual size of transactions.

Currently, most Zcash transactions are sent through transparent addresses that work in the same way as Bitcoin. The main reason for this is that the system requirements for the processing computers are too high to perform shielded transactions. With sapling, this changes. In this respect, ZCash hopes that shielded transactions will now be carried out more frequently and that mobile payment solutions for smartphones and exchanges will also be developed.


OceanEx, a crypto exchange and asset management platform based on the VeChainThor blockchain, is about to launch. Deposits and withdrawals should be activated from the first week of November.

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