The Top 5 NFT Projects in 2022 According to Experts

You’ve probably heard a lot about NFT artworks fetching millions of dollars. If this is the case, you’ll probably want to get involved and join the bandwagon. 

As the industry grows, more and more teams are attempting to develop a product for a select set of investors. 

A few of the most intriguing NFT projects that may have success this year will be discussed in today’s post. 

Yeti Secret Society

If you invest in the Yeti Secret Society program, you’ll be part of an exclusive group. The organization sees exclusivity as a successful strategy. 

An NFT’s rarity is typically taken into consideration by investors when making a selection. Because of its exclusivity and uniqueness, Yeti Secret Society is expected to grow in popularity, according to the club’s creators. 

The work of the team is centered around a “Club.”. All Yeti NFT owners will be able to make use of this club’s perks. 

The club’s unique offer will feature a 600-person boat trip to Monaco as part of the project’s development. 

On the team’s islands, members and celebrities can have parties and other events. 

The Yeti Secret Society and Sapphire Studios, a team of MMO game creators, have teamed up. The project will incorporate an MMO game and the Metaverse technology as a result of this collaboration. 

These creators have previously worked on a wide range of internet projects. Thus, the founders of the Yeti Secret Society have extensive knowledge of the subject. Everyone may get a head start in the competition by signing up for the pre-mint registration

The key social media platforms for the team are Twitter and Discord. These pages have updated information on the latest team announcements.

Vee Friends

NFT’s official website was the first place where VeeFriends could be purchased. OpenSea and other Ethereum-based NFT platforms have made these NFTs available on the secondary market since then. 

VeeFriends has the advantage of having the full support of a well-known businessman behind it. In addition to being the CEO and Chairman of VaynerX, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk is also the CEO and Chairman of VaynerMedia. He is well-known for being an early adopter of cultural and technological trends. 

You may buy VeeFriends NFTs at OpenSea right now. Everything is now done on the secondary market since VeeFriends no longer sells these NFTs directly. 

On the Ethereum blockchain, Veefriends’ complete 10,255 NFTs may be accessed by anybody. Each of these works of art depicts a unique creature with a different setting and level of rarity. The NFT’s price is mostly determined by the item’s rarity score. 

In the real world, Veefriends’ NFTs come in handy. Veecon, Gary Vaynerchuk’s annual conference, is open to all NFT holders and has thousands of attendees each year, including some well-known business figures.


Dribblie is a football management game in which you have to play in order to get paid. There are soccer players from all around the world featured in Dribblie. This project lets you make money playing football, which, one could say, is one of the finest methods to do it. 

One of the primary goals of the NFT is to implement deflationary policies. Deflationary NFT ecosystems have the potential to increase the value of assets over time. – This deflationary foundation is built using a unique burning and staking process in the game. 

In order to help you make money while doing what you love, Dribblie has designed a comprehensive ecosystem.

An individual NFT is allocated to each player in Dribblie. These NFTs have distinct traits, such as their clothing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Titan, a Human, a Robot, or an Alien: everyone in the game has strengths and limitations. 

The Dribblie marketplace will allow players to trade NFTs for in-game items. Transaction costs will be kept to a minimum in order to eliminate the cost of gas from the equation.

FlyFish Club

Flyfish Club (FFC) is another of Gary Vaynerchuk’s enterprises and is the first NFT private dining club for members around the globe. Members of Flyfish New York City will be able to enjoy private dining in a 10,000-square-foot dining space.

The Flyfish Omakase membership costs 4.25 ETH and provides you access to the omakase area, according to the creators. The standard Flyfish membership costs 2.5 ETH. 

Ordinary Flyfish members can reserve a table for up to eight guests who do not have tokens. The omakase room at Flyfish can only accommodate one more person if you have reserved a table for the same number of people. 

Because it’s an NFT membership, you have complete flexibility in leasing or selling your subscription. The Flyfish membership is projected to appreciate in value over time, just like Gary Vaynerchuk’s prior ventures (such as VeeFriends). 

Crypto Baristas

Sixty coffee-drinking NFTs entered the market in Season 1 of Crypto Barista. The initiative wishes to help create and establish the first NFT-funded café in the world. 

Customers of Crypto Baristas may receive free coffee at any café or website they want for the rest of their lives. Owners also have control of the “Barista Bank,” a 15% reserve fund built from the company’s revenues. 

The Barista Bank might be beneficial to a number of other initiatives besides the Crypto Barista one. 

Governance, community, and ownership issues affect many NFT initiatives, and this endeavor will attempt to solve those problems. 

When a coffee-related activity is added, all token holders profit and have a say in the project’s governance. 

The goal of Crypto Baristas is to provide a high-quality cup of coffee while also benefiting the industry’s producers and stakeholder groups. Social and environmental concerns will be addressed as new revenue streams are developed.

The project will soon launch its anticipated Season 2, and the market will certainly keep an eye on the project’s future developments.

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