The Shiba Robinhood Smart Contract Has Been Audited and Listed on Pancakeswap

Shiba Robinhood, a decentralized meme project set to evolve into a vibrant ecosystem, has completed its smart contract audit and is  listed on Pancakeswap.

The code was reviewed and green-lit by TechRate, a leader in DeFi security and smart contract audits. Shiba Robinhood (RSHIB) is now gearing up for its much-anticipated launch on December 8, 2021.

The project is based on the legendary heroic outflow originating from English folklore centered on Robin Hood, a skilled archer and swordsman who fought for the rights of the people.

Robin Hood has become synonymous with the fight against tyranny; the heroic character has made it into modern literature and film for his heroics in liberating ordinary folks from the grip of oppressors.

Just like Robin Hood, investors in Shiba Robinhood can take up the role of real avengers of the crypto world by purchasing and holding RSHIB, the project’s NFT and DeFi token. The meme coin with utility is inspired by the Robinhood story and his heroics. Its creators set out to build the next big NFT/DeFi ecosystem for the people. 

RSHIB Presale is Ongoing successfully on Cointool

The Shiba Robinhood dev team successfully organized a presale event that gives crypto enthusiasts everywhere a golden opportunity to bag RSHIB, a token designed by the people, for the people. 

The sale started on October 30 at 19:16 (UTC), offering early-bird investors 500,000,000,000,000 RSHIB at a discounted rate and an estimated initial market cap of $130,660,799.

The sale is still  live on CoinTool, with 54% of the liquidity locked on Panckaswap for up to 1000 days to protect investors from a rug pull. All unsold tokens will be burned, maintaining RSHIB’s deflationary status and moonshot potential.

A Guide on How to Buy RSHIB

Investors searching for a meme token with utility and a huge upside potential can join the vibrant RSHIB community on its way to the moon in a few simple steps.

First, they need to download the TrustWallet or Metamask Dapp browser on their desktop or mobile device and add BNB as their custom token. Next, they should open the Shiba RobinHood link in TrustWallet/Metamask and set BSC before approving the purchase.

Currently, users can only purchase RSHIB on presale at CoinTool. To get the latest info on how to grab RSHIB, join the project’s official AMA Group on Telegram


The RSHIB team is motivated by the Robinhood story and heroics to free the people from tyranny. They aim to propel the token to the moon by X-Mas with the support of the community.

Crypto fans can share all photos and gifs relating to the RSHIB meme on social media, enabling new investors to access all relevant info on the new coin. The strong community support will help the project and its token take flight and become the next crypto to land on the moon. 

Shiba Robinhood boasts excellent tokenomics that redistributes 3% fees from all transactions to loyal token holders. The protocol also offers NFT fans original collectibles based on the celebrated Robin Hood icon. NFT enthusiasts can purchase original and rare Robin Hood digital artwork at [email protected] 

The project backers plan to list RSHIB in the best DEXes and CEXes following the presale and launch on December 8, 2021. To connect with the growing Shiba Robinhood community and keep up with the latest developments, check out the project’s Telegram, Twitter, and Github pages.

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