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who we are

TheCryptoTwist is a news and analytics website focused on the world of digital currencies. As an independent publication, TheCryptoTwist covers, but is not limited to, topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies and fintech.

As the field of financial technology continues to expand, websites like TheCryptoTwist play an important role not only in providing news of market developments, but also in providing information about opportunities to participate in these breakthrough technologies.

Although cryptocurrencies have become a popular financial asset, acquiring the knowledge needed to fully step into this space can be complex at times. Newcomers as well as experts sometimes have trouble understanding everything. For this reason we would like to create a website with TheCryptoTwist that includes the solution to these problems. We do this by regularly posting new content and providing clear transparency to those looking for further access to the market.

Goals and objectives

First of all, we believe that the world of crypto technology will find more followers. As the 21st century investor moves away from traditional stocks, we believe they will look for fundamental breakthroughs in other assets and learn about new technologies like blockchain.

Hence, our goal is to be at the forefront of introducing these technologies into new areas of society. We want to enable you to learn and discover new developments.

Nevertheless, transparency is the top priority at TheCryptoTwist. Therefore, our team of editors and writers is obliged to inform us about possible conflicts of interest of the content they create due to their personal investments associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Before we publish an article, we make sure that these facts are verified for accuracy. We source our news and information from various platforms that are highly regarded within the crypto community.

We do not receive any financial incentives or payments from third parties for posting news content.

The content published here is not to be understood as financial advice and is not intended to provide advice on investments. All opinions expressed by our authors and / or employees are their own and not the views of TheCryptoTwist.

How we deal with comments

For all user-generated comments on the site, we follow the guidelines below. What we do not accept or tolerate:

  • Threats
  • Defamation of our editors or of public figures
  • Discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or sexuality
  • Copyright violations
  • Commercial content (“spam”)
  • Requests for payment, requests for donations or questions about financial compensation
  • Personal information

Comments are reviewed prior to posting to ensure that all comments comply with these guidelines.

How you can help us

Please ensure that posts and comments are relevant to the topic in question.

If you come across any discrepancies on the website, please contact us. We will endeavor to correct them if they turn out to be such.

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