PIQSOL Holdings to Launch the First-Ever Solana-based Fractional NFT Marketplace

UK-based technology firm Piqsol Holdings has set its sights to launch the world’s first-ever fractional NFT marketplace on the Solana network. The firm has brought forth the project to make NFTs more accessible to users. According to the team behind the startup, the marketplace will be similar to OpenSea, but it will also offer trades of fractional digital assets worldwide.

Piqsol has identified how the crypto-based niche of NFTs is growing into the world’s financial scene. Therefore, they aim to give interested parties from any part of the world an equal chance to acquire a part of the hottest trend in the cryptoverse right now. Fractional NFTs will ensure that it is possible by giving people who may not afford these assets an opportunity to own them.

Currently, lucrative NFTs have accumulated values that could be beyond the pockets of most merchants. For instance, purchasing a BAYC NFT could cost a fortune, discouraging people from making the ‘buy’ step. According to recent statistics, NFTs could be sold for values as high as $91M, an example of how expensive they are. In 2021, Dappradar revealed that the NFT trading volume in the third quarter of the year hit over $10B. These values are undoubtedly discouraging for people who do not bag the regular million-dollar income.

Such barriers birthed the ideology of creating fractionized NFTs to make it possible for several parties to own tokenized assets. That way, the owner of the NFT can seamlessly distribute parts of their assets in terms of tokens according to their contributions.

Piqsol plans to solve such issues by creating a marketplace where users will circumnavigate the issue that is buying these ‘high valued’ digital assets. Additionally, the startup assures merchants that the marketplace will not be as challenging to use as the digital marketplaces available in the industry nowadays.

“The PIQSOL project will revolutionize NFT adoption for the masses, it not just reduces costs it drastically reduces the learning curve” explained Priven Reddy, Founder of PIQSOL. “This is the world’s first fractional Solana NFT marketplace and it is huge for the industry and creates new revenue streams, new onramps, and a move towards fractional ownership that was never really within the reach of newbies, the lower-income, or middle-class consumers. It truly democratizes high-value NFT ownership.”

Pisqol has also given an insight into how the NFT marketplace will look like, revealing the availability of options like buying, selling and minting NFTs. Other features include a multichain minting network and an NFT authenticity service provided by a highly acclaimed third-party security service provider.

The platform is also planning to launch its token, dubbed PIQSOL, which will help holders to access fractional NFTs with high growth potential easily. 

About PIQSOL Technology Holdings

Piqsol holdings is a technology firm seeking to provide the global market with solutions to problems that curb NFT trades. The company entails a tech-oriented team with over 15 years of experience in developing softwares and mobile applications. Their long term plan is to integrate its utility token, PIQSOL, into the metaverse and other gaming platforms. Piqsol has announced an imminent limited offering pre-sale that will commence at an unannounced date this February.

To find out more about Piqsol’s future plans, visit their social media handles and website via the following links;

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